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A couple months ago, not only did I discover OVI Hydration, I began my journey back to a fitter, healthier me.
Work has absolutely run my life the past 9 months and with so much travel, I’ve struggled to find the time and energy to get to the gym and be healthy. I’ve now swapped my sugary drinks to Ovi full time, eating healthier, back at the gym and feeling way better.

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The importance of hydration:

Keeping hydrated in the cooler months is just as important as the hotter months. I personally don’t seem to drink as much water during winter and it has many side effects for me so I’m making a conscious effort to change my ways.
Hence why I love Ovi, I get bored with plain water and the best way to maintain hydration and avoid being bored is to spice it up with some flavour.

Some general and unusual signs your body’s dehydrated:
Dry Skin
Dark /sunken in circles under the eyes
Tired / Fatigued
Muscle cramps
Fever & Chills
Food cravings for sweets
Bad breath
Mood change

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OVI Hydration is an infusion of water, natural minerals, fruit juice, sugars and has antioxidants from green tea. 
There’s three natural flavours to love – Citrus, Berry & Peach.

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Learn more about Ovi and the benefits below:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ovihydration/

Kate x

OVI Hydration approached me to trial this product and we developed a partnership due to my love of the drink. All opinions expressed in this post are my own